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Challenge platform for training your teams and partners.

Train your teams, partners and distribution networks and increase their awareness of your new products and brand. Create a unique training experience with the help of Challenge Monitor™.

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A truly efficient and engaging TRAINING tool.

A simple principle: train yourself to win... The player trains in the training room. As for the challenges, they enable the person to apply his or her knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

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Your TRAINING is stimulated by virality and the community.

The scenarios proposed by Challenge Monitor™ create a strong partiality for training. The participant quickly commits and returns thanks to the facility to invite, relaunch and sponsor between players...

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Follow the development of your challenge in detail.

Challenge Monitor™ proposes reports, which are easy to use and provide all the information you need: scores obtained, player rankings, the list of qualified players and more...

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Challengez, Animez et Formez !

Et si vous pouviez

Et si vous pouviez...

  • Former votre force de vente sur vos produits et sur vos services
  • Promouvoir et former un nouveau produit
  • Dynamiser et fédérer votre réseau de distribution
  • Améliorer la notoriété de votre marque, casser des idées reues
  • Adresser et former des populations difficiles à atteindre
Et si en plus c'tait ludique et incroyablement abordable ?
En quelques mots

En quelques mots :

Challenge Monitor est une plateforme de formation gamifie en ligne créée par e-teach pour vous permettre danimer des formations à destination de vos quipes, de vos partenaires ou de vos clients.

Parce quil sappuie sur les principes fédérateurs du web (viralité, communauté, challenge...), Challenge Monitor permet dadresser de faon ludique des messages clés à une population ciblée et ainsi renforcer ladhésion de vos joueurs/apprenants à votre marque et vos produits.

Allez plus loin que la formation

Allez plus loin que la formation.

Modulable selon les objectifs poursuivis et les publics visés, Challenge Monitor permet aussi de collecter auprès de votre réseau de distribution ou de vos clients, des informations clés sur vos marchés, vos produits. Challenge Monitor vous permet d'aller au-del de la formation...

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What people are saying
about it...

In addition to the training / awareness-building aspects, this game allows the establishment of a closer relationship with the player and the strengthening of his/her attachment to the brand and the gaining of his/her commitment to it. It is an excellent tool to motivate an international distribution network.

Frederic Soussin

Frédéric Soussin
Founder and Manager
at Cultures Pad

The approach suits a "sales" audience, which is often reluctant to undergo more traditional, "classic" training.

Claudio Guerrieri

Claudio Guerrieri
Channel Manager at Check Point Software Technologies

It is the best method at the lowest cost to deliver key messages to a highly targeted audience, which is difficult to mobilize.

Peter Voets

Peter Voets,
Marketing Director easyJet - Switzerland, Austria & Eastern Europe

It is an approach that enables a sales force to keep its "product" knowledge updated. The larger the product range, the more the approach should be ongoing "throughout the year".

Stephane Coppex

Stéphane Coppex,
Directeur, Saneo by Arte Matto (Groupe Bringhen)

The simple user-friendly aspect and short game times are much appreciated. It is a game for all sorts of players who are familiar with Internet tools.

Sally-Ann Moore

Sally-Ann Moore,
Directrice du salon iLearning Forum, Paris

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